From experimentation to hyper personalisation – the future of people experience

Chief People Officer

Bertie was voted the Most Influential HR Practitioner 2023.

He describes himself as a skateboarder, he believes this is what defines him as a person above all else. He is a skateboarder who just happens to do HR.

He is currently the Chief People Officer for a company called Collinson, the global leader in Loyalty and Benefits for some of the world’s largest brands.

He passionate about people and transforming the world of work and this is apparent in the lasting positive impact of everything he does. He is determined to ensure generations working both now and the future get to benefit of working in more human centred organisations. Thriving on challenging conventional thinking and best practice, instead he favours experimentation, looking at traditional business challenges from a different perspective.

Bertie has spent most of his career operating as both an in-house expert and management consultant, creating strong links between people and strategy. He’s had two expatriate assignments in MENA and the Americas, with experience stretching across a range of industry sectors such as Media, Retail, Financial Services and even Oil & Gas where he would spend a lot of his time on platforms in the middle of the North sea.

He loves what he does and it shows in the way he works!

Connect with Bertie

LinkedIn: Bertie Tonks